1. Perspectives

From the recording Perspectives

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Nothing comes quite easily,
till easiness is tried
Some may ride unevenly
till time just seems to fade out

simple, free and easy,
its easier said than done
when everything just comes and goes
so hard to get used to goodbyes...all the time

Let me fly away, again
Seems like everyone´s playing a vision game
Tell me what is that you see?
And I´ll tell you what I truly think I see
Its a game....

Let us ride and let us be
Let our spirits fly and hold out to be free
Everyone their own perception,
Their own vision about life in every way
Its a game....

A vision game,
in a world of constant change
Minds living their own dream,
but things are harldly as they seem

What do you see?
Is it my reality?
each and everyone of us
holds to their own perception