1. Independence

From the recording Perspectives

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Wasted out from world collapse,
I can feel the grief and sorrow
maybe its time to change our minds
and find awakening through the heart
all questions may be claimed apart
for those who seek the answers
in most uncommon ways

don’t surrend, go fight tonight,
we’ll be free again tomorrow
cause if you want to change,
you might
a guiding light is glittering
awaiting every moment
for those who seek undaunted
that left untraveled way….

"If I only knew which way to take
I´ll stop running nowhere and start my trace,
If I only tried to find my way......whichever future awaits....."

Running along, I most then travel alone,
walking unknown, I feel this world is my own,
Dreaming among, this path I knew all along,
humming a song, I´ll keep on walking along....

So much to say, I must be moving on
Life is a play, a sweet melody

What if I say the quest is on my own,
life dies away, a sweet memory