From the recording Perspectives

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Faith is so very lost
and feeling so tired,
when walking without a course
no goal, no desire,

Us, as endless life,
pushing so high above
Love, the power plant
that keeps us with hope, alive

there is might
upon our face
we are here
to shine as race

shall not fear
shall not forget
that we're one
under the stars

I wanna feel the love in motion
I wanna touch as high above, I want a touch from high above
with all my senses to all my senses

I wanna reach for higher purpose
I wanna bring a light and shine
thru my emotions

I wanna know the magic hand
working so clever far behind
in every action

I wanna see thru every man
together fully understand
their own reactions

Warebareo bepe yoyo, warabareo bepe ye owa pa peo