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  1. Nature is Calling

From the recording Perspectives

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How bad have we harmed you?
I don't really know
can we still protect you?
I can't really see how we could light a candle
inside every mind, and waken what's been done to you,

We didn't mean to hurt you
we're asleep don't you know?
its time to face facts and
remind us to do what its needed, whatever
the time's running out if we want our home to survive
We've acted so crazy, the world has gone mad
how lucky we still are alive

And in a way
the wilderness falling
is taking away
the nature's singing
Somewhere in time
an echo keeps crawling
burning inside,
our nature is calling, calling...calling!

And in a sense
the world's loosing balance
keeps stirring up,
the peoples upbringing
This is a time,
for love and protection
of our mother world
and nature is begging for it, for it,
begging....for it !!

can human race
survive earth's corruption?
can we avoid
this worlds demolition?
we have to stop
this massive pollution
which can put an end
to manly tradition
what a shame, what a deadly vision!