From the recording Perspectives

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When will I see you again?
Love is a deep game we play

Under the moonlight we shine out tonight
We feel this moment is all we will ever need

When will I touch you again?
will you be coming my way?

Over the bridge as we stand out tonight
I cheer those things that you care about...
This is a time for unlimited love
but a loving journey may take us for a ride...

I can't wait to hold her one more time
and see her face

I can only hope that we can cope
when times are changing

I can sense the dangers of loving someone
with this intensity

but I do feel the need of loving you
in wild desire

hold you, touch you

I want you and I need you, I want you and I need you...

Lost, I feel the loss
whatever trust, right now is lost
out of my way...!

Love, forever lost, whatever love, today was lost
get out of my way....!