1. The Wish

From the recording The Wish

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Watching over the mountain
and across the sea
I saw a kind old lady staring deeply into me

She had something for me
well that's what she said
she would give me a gift from heaven if I granted her a wish

I felt a weight on my shoulders
To promise I never liked
but there was something about her that just made me feel all right

“Just remember this always
my gift is what you wish
and many illusions may come true if you learn the mystery”

“lookout, lookout, for that guiding light
seek out for a gleam, that the heart will make up in secrecy,
hold out, hold out for that longing dream…the one that you wish for"

“My wish is that you follow,
that fire in your heart
you may be young but not so wise,
soon you´ll realize

Presence of light
Essence of life
Is often mislead
You need to breakout
shouting out loud,
inside your head!